Welcome To Edgefield County

A Place You Can Call Home

If you do not have internet at your home please take this survey.


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Last training day before testing for Fire Fighter 1

The County is proud of the hard work the volunteers have been putting in. Please take a moment if you see them to thank them for everything they do to help the County.

Edgefield County African American Heritage Commision

Gift From the Heart!

Asher Ireland presents a gift to his good buddy Roger Leduc!

Enjoying a Laugh!

Dr. Kennion and Hart Clark share a laugh at the Animal Control groundbreaking ceremony.

Bill and Bill!

Bill Clyburn and Bill Hixon at the Law Enforcement Center groundbreaking ceremony.

Better Together!

Bill Clyburn and his wife Beverly Clyburn walk back to the car together at the LEC groundbreaking ceremony.

In this together!

Sojourner Jennings and Sharon Hammond share lunch at the Edgefield County Employee Luncheon.

Get It From The Locals

Edgefield County is beautiful and a place we are so happy to call home. Our family has been here for a long time and really appreciate the small town atmosphere.
The Collins'

We call Edgefield County home because it is beautiful, unique, special, and has the small town charm that we love so much. We could not imagine living anywhere else.
The Garrisons

Edgefield County, 124 Courthouse Square, Edgefield, SC 29824
Phone: (803) 637-4000, Fax: (803) 637-4056.

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