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Established in 1785, Edgefield County is a part of the Aiken/Augusta metropolitan statistical area.  It is located on the Savannah River just north of Augusta and north-west of Aiken County, covering an area of 502 square miles.  It has a population of approximately 27,000 (2010 census.)

The county has four incorporated municipalities; Edgefield, the County seat, JohnstonTrenton and North Augusta.   The county’s economy is balanced with approximately equal sectors of agriculture, manufacturing, and services.  It is divided by the fall line with the north-western two thirds in the Piedmont and one third in the sandhill and ridge country.

Edgefield County In The News

Edgefield County Animal Control

Edgefield County Council has been looking at updating the Animal Control ordinances of the County in anticipation of the completion of a new Animal Care and Control facility to be located off Rabit Trail. This will be the first facility of its type in Edgefield County...

Sweetwater Community Center and Bettis Park

The fees for the Sweetwater Community center and Bettis Park have been increased. This increase will take effect on January 1, 2023. Sweetwater CenterCurrent RatesNew RatesPackage A (4 hours)75150Package B (8 hours)150300Package C (12 hours)225450Package D (2...

Address Changes due to 911 upgrades

Over 25 years ago, Edgefield County adopted E-911 to enhance the capability of emergency responders to quickly locate emergencies.  As part of this adoption process, the county had to readdress properties. Over the last few years, advances in technology have led to...

Gift From the Heart!

Asher Ireland presents a gift to his good buddy Roger Leduc!

Enjoying a Laugh!

Dr. Kennion and Hart Clark share a laugh at the Animal Control groundbreaking ceremony.

Bill and Bill!

Bill Clyburn and Bill Hixon at the Law Enforcement Center groundbreaking ceremony.


The Edgefield County recreational football league recieve their championship rings as well as a congradulations from the County Council.

Serving it Up!

Edgefield County Council and the County Administrator serve the County employees at the Holiday luncheon.


Fab Burt receieves honors from the Edgefield County Council for his many years of dedicated service.

Honorable Service

Scott Cooper recieves honors for his years of service on the Edgefield County Council.

Not retired!

Edgefield County Council honors Roger Leduc for his dedicated service to our Citizens.

Better Together!

Bill Clyburn and his wife Beverly Clyburn walk back to the car together at the LEC groundbreaking ceremony.

Historic Groundbreaking!

The historic groundbreaking ceremony of the Edgefield County Law Enforcement Center.

More Groundbreaking!

Groundbreaking ceremony for the Edgefield County Animal Control building.

In this together!

Sojourner Jennings and Sharon Hammond share lunch at the Edgefield County Employee Luncheon.

Get It From The Locals

Edgefield County is beautiful and a place we are so happy to call home. Our family has been here for a long time and really appreciate the small town atmosphere.
The Collins'

We call Edgefield County home because it is beautiful, unique, special, and has the small town charm that we love so much. We could not imagine living anywhere else.
The Garrisons

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Edgefield County, 124 Courthouse Square, Edgefield, SC 29824
Phone: (803) 637-4000, Fax: (803) 637-4056.

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