Edgefield County has a new, innovative tool for economic development.

County Council has approved an ordinance establishing incentives for businesses that locate within certain areas around the three Towns in the County. Incentive zones were established adjacent to the Towns of Edgefield, Johnston, and Trenton to promote growth in areas with available land and established infrastructure.

The incentives are provided for businesses that are new or expanding and invest a minimum of $100,000. The program is designed to allow small businesses to open and grow where they may not have otherwise. These incentives are not for industries. The incentives are aimed at bringing commercial, retail, restaurants, and the like to areas where the Towns are located since the Towns already have central business districts and have population centers that businesses look for.

In addition, this ordinance only covers areas outside the Town Limits of each Town.

The parcels of land in the county selected around the towns are either unzoned or zoned for commercial development, so no zoning or rezoning is necessary for the county. Also, the areas adjacent to each town’s limits are in areas that are compatible for this kind of growth. In other words, this growth would complement and fit into these adjacent areas of the town limits.

Most importantly, the incentives are set up to ensure commercial development get a reasonable break on county taxes and permitting, depending on the size and scope of the businesses that seek to open in these special incentivized areas.

County Council Chairman Dean Campbell stated, “These incentive areas are another step-in creating jobs in Edgefield County.” He said, “We will continue to look at other ways to promote growth in our County in a smart, planned way.”

According to County Administrator Tommy Paradise, “This ordinance is based on incentives that have been used in other areas of our state. We want to see it be successful in Edgefield County.”

Anyone interested in learning more about opening or expanding in one of these incentive areas should contact Administrator Paradise at 803-637-4000 or tparadise@edgefieldcounty.sc.gov.