We have 1 upcoming Public Hearing scheduled for the August 12, 2019 County Council Meeting.  The meeting will start at 6PM and it will be held in the County Council Chambers located at 225 Jeter Street, Edgefield.  

Public Hearing of Ordinance Number 19-20-763, “An Ordinance to Zone 181.02 Acres of Land, more or less, Owned by the City of North Augusta to Planned Development (PD) and Approve the Concept Plan for said Property’s Development.”

If passed, this will rezone 181.02 acres to Planned Development and approve the concept plan for Windsor Subdivision.

Subject to the normal rules of County Council regarding appearances, members of the public are invited to attend and make comment concerning the proposed Ordinance.

To view these ordinances, visit our County Ordinances Page by Clicking Here