Purpose of the Land Management Ordinance

Why is Edgefield County updating the Land Management Ordinance?

Edgefield County Council determined that there is a need to update the current ordinances of the County regarding development, to provide better management of the building and planning process in the unincorporated areas of the County. The anticipated influx of development along with the recent completion of the Comprehensive Plan facilitate the primary needs to update the ordinances. Four “listening meetings” were held at the early part of this process to seek input from residents, property owners, developers, contractors, utility providers, businesspersons, staff, and other potential stakeholders interested in the update process.

What is the Land Management Ordinance?

An ordinance is a law passed by a local government. Ordinances are based on the power of the State to allocate legislative power to a local government body within a defined area. Ordinances may deal with maintaining public safety, health, morals, and the general welfare of the local community. For example, a housing ordinance may be created to set minimum standards for inhabitation, and fire and safety regulations may require residential, commercial, and industrial property owners to meet basic requirements. Ordinances also may deal with public streets and sidewalks and include regulations regarding design, parking, maintenance and operations.

Is Zoning of Land part of the Land Management Ordinance?

Yes, one of the most significant areas of local ordinances is Zoning to provide plans to encourage appropriate land uses and to conserve the values of property throughout a particular area. The local zoning ordinance defines how property in specific geographic zones can be used and specifies whether zones can be used for residential or commercial purposes, and regulates lot size, placement, bulk (or density) and the height of structures.

What else is in the LMO regulations?

The current ordinances affected will include Chapter 8 (Buildings and Building Regulations), Chapter 18 (Environment), Chapter 24 (Land Development), and Chapter 30 (Manufactured Housing). Some portions of other chapters may also be affected by potential LMO changes to definitions or other elements. The affected chapters will include building permits and construction document requirements, utility access, inspections, erosion/sediment controls, flood protection, zoning, conditional uses, buffers and set-backs from property lines, and manufactured housing and park standards.

What comes next?

The development of revised text for the Land Management Ordinance is the task of the County’s consultants who will work with the County’s appointed Land Management Ordinance Steering Committee and the Department of Building and Planning. The Steering Committee will be the primary reviewing agency throughout the preparation of a Draft Land Management Ordinance.

The draft will be presented at public meetings in February 2020 prior to submittal to the Planning Commission. After review and adoption by the Planning Commission, the Final Draft Ordinance will be submitted to the County Council for three (3) readings prior to adoption.

Who will make the decisions regarding what will be in the Land Management Ordinance?

County Council will make ultimate decisions regarding any changes to the ordinances and they must be in accord with Federal law and the laws of the State as provided in the South Carolina Local Government Comprehensive Planning Act of 1994 (amended). The County Council also will determine when the new ordinance will go into effect.

The LMO Steering Committee includes the members of the Planning Commission and several additional appointed representatives from County Council, Edgefield Water and Sewer, Edgefield Fire Board, Edgefield School Board, and Edgefield Economic Development Committee. After the Listening meetings, the LMO Steering Committee Meeting will meet every month on the fourth Tuesday at 5:00pm at the Edgefield County Council Chambers located at 225 Jeter St., Edgefield, SC. The public may attend these meetings and observe. However, the agenda does not provide a direct opportunity to speak except at the pleasure of the Chairman.

Although the Steering Committee normally meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month, the meetings in November and December will be on the third Tuesday due to potential holiday conflicts. These meetings are subject to prior cancellation or change. The general public will be notified of any cancellation or change on the County website.

Want to Contribute? More Questions?

If you would like to contribute to the process by sharing your thoughts, ideas, and concerns by completing a brief survey, sign up to receive email notifications about the LMO Steering Committee, or if you have any questions regarding the LMO Steering Committee please contact the County Planner Mr. Kevin Singletary in the Building and Planning Dept.

Email: ksingletary@edgefieldcounty.sc.gov

Phone: (803) 637-4073

Thank you for reading!