Edgefield County Planning Commission 8/13/2020 Meeting Public Hearing

The following public hearings will take place at The Edgefield County Planning Commission meeting on August 13th, 2020 at 6pm, located at the Edgefield County Council Chambers, 225 Jeter Street Edgefield, SC 29824. If you have any questions please contact The Edgefield County Building and Planning Department, (803) 637-4073.

The Edgefield County Building and Planning Department is notifying the public that there will be a public hearing regarding;

A proposed re-zoning of a property from Residential-Agricultural Development (RD) to Rural-Residential Development (RR). The property is located off of Woodward Lake Rd., Parcel ID: 163-00-01-089-000. The re-zoning application was submitted by the property owners, Derek A Dudley and Wendi J Dudley.

A proposed development of a major subdivision. The proposed development is located at the intersection of Currytown Rd. and Mealing Rd., Parcel ID: 126-00-04-004-000. The proposed development is by Blue Sky Properties and Investments, LLC.