County Transportation Committee of Edgefield County Awards Notice to Proceed for Repairs to Mill Creek Drive

August 18, 2020- The Edgefield County Transportation Committee (CTC) has awarded a contract and notice to proceed to repair damage to Mill Creek Drive from a flash flood that occurred on July 7th to Tri-Star, Inc. in the amount of $432,015. It is anticipated that repairs will take 60 days to complete.

On July 7th flash flooding occurred in the Merriwether region of Edgefield County. The flooding washed out the roadway on Mill Creek Drive where it goes over Dry Branch Creek. This left residents without access to 44 homes. With the permission of private property owners and the U.S. Forestry Service, Edgefield County completed a temporary access road on

July 9th.

On July 14th, The CTC declared the situation on Mill Creek Drive an emergency and authorized funding for the repairs. The CTC receives funding from the state gasoline tax and is responsible for the distribution of those funds for projects on both state and county roads. These projects will maintain and promote the safe travel on these roads. The CTC is appointed by the legislative delegation for Edgefield County.

CTC Chairman Sam Crouch stated that “We are pleased that the engineering is complete, the contractor selected, and the project is moving forward.”

            Edgefield County Council Chairman Scott Cooper said, “Edgefield County is fortunate that the CTC has the funds and are willing to appropriate them for the repairs. The utilization of these state funds will prevent budget adjustments that would have been required to fund the repairs.”

            According to Tommy Paradise, County Administrator, staff has been working as quickly as possible to move the repair project forward. He added that we are fortunate that the property owners worked with us to provide temporary access until the permeant fix can be completed.