I have contacted SCFAST and requested that they have training for mental health awareness. These are the dates for those trainings. The First training set is 4 hours long and is a good course introduction. The second set of trainings is 2, 8 hour days which will teach responders how to identify peers who are going through stressful times. It also teaches skills for assisting those peers with dealing with stressful events and dealing with daily stress.


Sign-ups https://edgefieldcounty.sc.gov/first-responder-mental-health-training-registration/




Sweetwater Community Center:

296 Sweetwater Rd, North Augusta, SC 29860

July 18th          5pm-9pm                                 4HR

Aug 22nd         10am-2pm                              4HR

Oct 17th          5pm-9pm                                 4HR

Nov 21st         10am-2pm                               4HR

Dec 17th-18th     9am-5pm both days            2 days 8 HRs each


Scout Hut:

312 Penn St, Edgefield, SC 29824


July 2nd          10am-2pm                              4HR

Aug 6th           5pm-9pm                                 4HR

Sep 17th-18th     9am-5pm Both days            2 days 8 HRs each

Oct 8th           10am-2pm                             4HR

Nov 5th           5pm-9pm                               4HR

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