Employment Application

  • County of Edgefield Application for Employment
    124 Courthouse Square Edgefield, SC, 29824
    Equal Opportunity Employer

    Employment Policies
    Drug and Smoke Free Workplace
    Direct Deposit of Pay
    Pre-Employment and Backgroud Investigation
    Pre-Employment and Drug Screening

    Application Must be Complete to be Considered for Employment.
  • No two members of an immediate family may be employed in the same department if one would be supervising the other or have any influence over the position.
  • If yes
  • Education

  • Year started and year finished
  • High School
  • Year started and year finished
  • College
  • Include Major and Degree
  • Year started and year finished
  • Post Graduate
  • Include Major and Degree
  • Year started and year finished
  • Year started and year finished

  • Skills
    Note: Test may Be required!
  • If YES
  • Personal References

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    Qualified applicants are considered for employment and employees are treated during employment without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, or disability.

    To help us comply with Federal/State Equal Employment Opportunity recordkeeping, reporting and other legal requirements, please answer questions on the back of this form.

    This Pre-Employment Information will be kept in a Confidential File, separate from the attached Application for Employment

    Edgefield County is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer
  • Employment History List all present and past employment, beginning with the most recent for the past 10 years or since high school. If necessary, us additional paper. All time must be accounted for!

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    I hereby affirm that all statements made herein are true and correct. I authorize the County to conduct whatever investigation it deems necessary to confirm the statements submitted on this application. I understand that any misstatement or omission of fact on this application shall be sufficient grounds for refusal to hire or dismissal I also authorize and request each former employer and person, firm or corporation given as a reference to answer any and all questions that may be asked and to give any and all information that may be sought in connection with application concerning my work habits, character or skill. I agree to submit myself, upon request, for physical examination by a physician selected by the County and understand that failure to meet the physical requirements may disqualify me for employment. The use of this application form does not indicate that there are any positions available, and in no way obligates the County. I understand and agree that if I am employed, I may terminate my employment at any time, with or without notice and without cause. I understand that the County has the same right. All tentatively selected candidates for employment with Edgefield County will be required to submit and pass a pre-employment drug test and background screening as a condition of employment. If employed, the name on your social security card will be used on the payroll. I understand that the U.S. Government required by the County to verify my eligibility for U.S. employment and my identity. I understand that the County must decline to hire me if I fail to present adequate proof of my eligibility and identity.
  • Online signature constitutes a written signature.
  • Applicant Please Complete This Section

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