Edgefield County Planning Commission

Edgefield County Planning Commission is a body of volunteers from the County appointed by the County Council to review commercial and large-scale residential projects for compliance with Edgefield County land development regulations. They also review and recommend changes to the Comprehensive Plan and land development regulations for County Council to consider.


District I Commissioner – Chair

James Burt

67 Gaston Rd.McCormick, SC 29835

Phone: 864-391-7421

Email: fab1835@wctel.net

District II Commissioner

Rhonda Nowicki

27 Garrett Rd Edgefield SC 29824

Phone: 803-278-3975

Email: rhonda_nowicki@yahoo.com

District III Commissioner

Lisa Whitaker

54 Windy Ridge Road Trenton, Sc 29847

Phone: (980) 621-6974

Email: Blumer728@gmail.com

District IV Commissioner

Karlene Butler

61 Lloyd Rd.

Trenton, SC 29847

Phone: 803-430-3841

Email: karlenebutler@yahoo.com

District V CommissionerVice Chair

Todd Brown

1625 West Martintown Rd.

North August, SC 29860

Phone: 803-278-2885

Email: tbrown@browntrusted.com

Commissioner At Large

Brett McNeill

209 Woodridge Rd.

Edgefield, SC 29824

Phone: 803-334-2764

Email: bmcneill@cowardandmcneill.com

Commissioner At Large

Tracy Walsh

86 Cheves Creek Rd.
North August, SC 29860

Phone: 803-341-2713


Edgefield County Building & Planning Staff

210 Penn St. Edgefield, SC 29824

Director – Hart “Doc” Clark

Email: hclark@edgefieldcounty.sc.gov

Planner – April Morgan

Email: Amorgan@edgefieldcounty.sc.gov