296 Sweetwater Road
North Augusta, SC  29860

Policy Purpose Statement:

Edgefield County facilities are primarily used for official Edgefield County purposes and such purposes shall take precedent for facility use.  The Sweetwater Community Center will be available to rent for public purposes according to the rules and regulations contained herein.

General Regulations:

  1. Edgefield County has the right to refuse use of facilities to any group if the proposed event conflicts with official use of the building, is incompatible with the facilities’ intended purpose, conflicts with established policies, regulations, or laws, or conflicts with any confirmed reservation.
  2. Admission fees, collections, or donations may not be collected by users of County owned property except those non-profit corporations and tax-exempt entities authorized to do business in South Carolina, civic organizations, and persons who have been severely injured or are seriously ill may conduct fundraisers with the prior approval of the Edgefield County Clerk to Council or Administrator.
  3. Property is to be left in the condition and arrangement in which it is found, or future use will be denied. (This includes setting thermostat back to its original setting.)
  4. No glue, tape, tacks, screws, or any items that will damage the facility are to be used on any part of the Community Center facility.
  5. No sparklers/fireworks, rice, confetti, or glitter may be used on the property or in the facility.
  6. The scheduling of facilities must be conducted according to this policy. The Edgefield County Clerk to Council shall be the coordinator and arbiter of issues related to the use of public facilities.
  7. Groups shall comply with all applicable laws of the United States and the State of South Carolina and with all Edgefield County ordinances, rules, policies, and regulations. All persons in and on the property shall comply with official signs of a prohibitory or directory nature, and with the directions of Edgefield County authorized individuals.  Edgefield County has the right to have persons violating any provisions removed from the premises and to prosecute any and all violators to the fullest extent of the law.
  8. Use of publicly owned property does not imply endorsement by Edgefield County Government staff, officials, or by Edgefield County Council members.
  9. Edgefield County retains the right to amend the requirements and regulations for use of these facilities at any time.
  10. Groups are not allowed to assign their reserved time at a facility to another party unless given written permission by Edgefield County Clerk to Council or Administrator.
  11. NO CONCEALABLE WEAPONS ARE ALLOWED. (Section 16-23-420, SC State Law)
  12. Vehicles are not allowed on lawns, planted areas, sidewalks, or walkways of Edgefield County property.
  13. Pets are not allowed inside Edgefield County facilities except for Disability Assistance dogs.
  14. No recreational equipment is allowed on the premises. (No blow up/bounce houses. No Waterslides.)
  15. Proper attire of shirts and shoes are required during use of all Edgefield County facilities.
  16. All trash and decorations must be removed from the building immediately following the event.
  17. The lessee must be out of the building within the reserved time frame. The rental times should include all setup and clean-up for the event.
  18. Smoking is prohibited in all Edgefield County facilities.
  19. If an emergency happens, immediately call 911, contact appropriate emergency services, and evacuate the building if appropriate.
  20. The person signing the application for use and the organization by which the Edgefield County facilities will be used must indemnify and hold harmless Edgefield County and its employees and officials for and from any liabilities, damages, claims or actions of any kind arising in any way from the use of Edgefield County facilities and also release Edgefield County and its employees from any liability, damages, claims or actions of any kind arising from the use of Edgefield County facilities. That person and the organization are also responsible for paying Edgefield County for any damages to Edgefield County facilities.
  21. Edgefield County is not responsible for any items left in the building after the lessees’ rental period.


Reservations for use of the Community Center will be on a first come, first-serve basis.  Reservations may be made up to twelve (12) months in advance.

Reservations should be made by applying online or to the Edgefield County Clerk to Council.

Rental Fees:

The Community Center can be rented in increments of four (4) hours.  The facility will be available Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm and Friday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. The rate is as follows:

  • Four (4) hours: $150.00
  • Eight (8) hours: $300.00
  • Twelve (12) hours: $450.00
  • Two (2) day package: $600.00

 One half of the total rental amount is due (the total rental amount includes rental package amount, event security fees and the security deposit of $125.00) at the time of the application submission to reserve the Community Center on the desired date(s).  The other half of the rental amount is due 14 business days prior to the event date(s). 

Reduction of twenty-five percent (25%) will be given to all Edgefield County staff.

The County Administrator may waive the rental fee for fundraising events for individuals that are dealing with serious illnesses or similar challenges.

Refund of rental fees due to cancellations is at the discretion of the Edgefield County Administrator and Clerk to Council.

Deposit/Damage Fees:

There is a required deposit of $125 payable prior to the event to cover any damages that may be incurred during the event.  If there are no damages or issues, the $125 deposit will be returned after the event at the end of the month of your scheduled event.  If damages exceed $125, the lessee will pay for all costs for the damages incurred. You will be contacted by phone and mailed letter with explanation for additional cost.

Issue(s) Amount taken from deposit
Leaving the thermostat set differently than set forth in the agreement No deposit returned
Leaving trash on the premises $50.00
Leaving the microwave/refrigerator dirty $50.00
Use of glitter, confetti, tacks, nails, tape etc. No deposit returned

If the premises or any portion of the building during the term of this lease shall be damaged by act, default, or negligence of the Lessee or his agents, employees, patrols, guest, or any other person admitted to the premises by the Lessee, the Lessee shall pay to the Lessor such sum as shall be necessary to restore the said premises to the present condition.


The lessee may be required to provide an Edgefield County Deputy for the event.  The County will make this determination based on the event, attendance, and use of alcohol.  A deputy is required at all events where alcohol will be consumed.  The payment for the deputy must be made to Edgefield County prior to the event. 

Building Capacity:

The Community Center has a fire rating capacity of 99.  No more than 99 people are permitted in the building for any event.

Things to remember when renting the Sweetwater Community Center

  1. There are two 13-gallon trash cans and two 7-gallon trash cans that you will need to provide trash bags for.
  2. There are 12 round tables (5 feet wide), 2 rectangle tables (8 feet long) and 96 chairs (8 chairs at each round table). Please return to original area.
  3. You will be responsible for hauling off your own trash. There is no dumpster on site.
  4. There is no ice machine on site.
  5. Please ensure the kitchen door is closed and front push bar door are locked using the Allen wrench before leaving.
  6. There is a broom and dustpan behind the kitchen door for your use.
  7. The HVAC unit is programmed to run the heat at 55º and the air at 80º. You can change this temporarily while you are using the building.  If you use the up and down arrows on the thermostat, the temperature will change.  We ask that you do not run the heat above 76º or the air below 68º.  The temperatures may go back to the original settings after some time passes (so you may want to keep an eye on this to be sure your guests are comfortable).
  8. There is dish soap, a sponge and kitchen cleaner available for you to use in the kitchen.
  9. Please be sure to clean the microwave if you use it and leave unplugged.
  10. Please be sure to clean up, remove all trash and leave the building in the same condition that you found it.

Additional Notes:

Please do not go into the basement.  That area is for employees only.

Please be sure to change the HVAC unit to the temperatures as listed above.

Please be sure that all doors are locked and closed before leaving the facility after your event.

Edgefield County, 124 Courthouse Square, Edgefield, SC 29824
Phone: (803) 637-4000, Fax: (803) 637-4056.

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