Edgefield County Tax Assessor 

Monday – Friday
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Welcome to the Edgefield County Assessor’s Office.  We hope that you will find the information on our site to be useful in understanding what the Assessor’s Office does.  Staff consisting of experienced licensed appraisers; a GIS mapper and tax clerks are available to answer your questions. Our office strives to follow the duties and laws mandated by the State of South Carolina (SC Code Section 12-37-90). We look forward to serving your needs.

What This Office Does:

  • Appraise real property and manufactured (mobile) homes for tax purposes
  • Measure and appraise new construction for tax purposes
  • Conduct county wide reassessment every 5 years as required by the SC Department of Revenue
  • Accept and process appeals of values
  • Represents the County in real property & mobile home value appeals to the Board of Assessment Appeals
  • Transfers ownership of real property via recorded deeds
  • Process 4% legal residence and agriculture applications
  • Maintain and process multiple lot discount applications
  • Change mailing addresses for real property & mobile home owners as requested
  • Accept New Construction exemption, ATI exemption, Military LR exemption, HOA property exemption forms
  • Provide actual & potential or estimated rollback tax information
  • Process fire reports
  • Process mobile home affidavits
  • Issues new decals for mobile home registrations
  • Issues moving permits for mobile homes
  • GIS Mapping (Access thru the GIS/Special Projects Office)

This Office Does Not:

  • Give legal advice
  • Research real property for legal claims
  • Have tax or other information on Vehicles, Boats, Motors, or other personal property (Auditor’s Office)
  • Grant Homestead Exemptions for real property (Auditor’s Office)
  • Accept payments for County property taxes and personal property taxes (Treasurer’s Office)
  • Give information on delinquent taxes (Tax Collector’s Office)
  • Grant Veterans Exemptions for real property (Department of Revenue in Columbia, SC)
  • Assess manufacturing or utility properties (D.O.R.)
  • Record deeds (Clerk of Court)


Edgefield County is in the process of our County wide Reassessment Program which all counties are required under South Carolina law to implement every five years. Our last reassessment was done in 2021 and we expect to complete the current reassessment by December 31,2025.
Appraisers will come out to your house to make an inspection of your property. They will be wearing an identification badge with their picture and name preprinted on the badge. They will also be riding in vehicles that have the Assessor’s office emblem.
The appraisers will proceed to inspect the property by walking around the house if necessary to make sure that all improvements have been identified. The appraisers also notes whether the structure has a deck, garage, swimming pool or other amenities. If any additions or improvements have been made to the property the appraisers will have to measure.
We appreciate your cooperation and want to make this process as smooth as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at


Click Here for GIS Maps or To Search for Property Information

For Both Electronic and Mailed Applications:

Be sure to include all attachments and signatures.  Forms that do not meet the requirements will not be processed. 

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206 Penn Street, 

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