The Bettis Park Rental Packet

  • Edgefield County Recreation Park Rental Agreement 70 Nicholson Road, Trenton, SC 29847

    Policy Purpose Statement:
    Edgefield County facilities are primarily used for official Edgefield County purposes and such purposes shall have priority for facility use. The Edgefield County Recreation Park Picnic Shelter will be available for rent for public purposes according to the rules and regulations contained herein.

    Policy Regulations:
    Public use of the above mentioned facilities are subject to the following regulations:
    1. Edgefield County has the right to refuse use of facilities to any group if the proposed event conflicts with official use of the building, is incompatible with the facilities’ intended purpose, conflicts with established policies, regulations or laws, or is in conflict with any other confirmed reservation.
    2. Admission fees, collections, or donations may not be collected by users of County owned property except that non-profit corporations and tax exempt entities authorized to do business in South Carolina, civic organizations, and persons who have been severely injured or are seriously ill may conduct fundraisers with the prior approval of the Edgefield County Clerk to Council or Administrator.
    3. The park is to be left in the condition and arrangement in which it is found, or future use will be denied. This includes the removal of all of the trash generated by your event including decorations. This must be removed from the premises immediately following your event.
    4. The scheduling of facilities must be conducted according to this policy including the timely submission of reservation applications. The Edgefield County Clerk to Council shall be the coordinator and arbiter of issues related to the use of public facilities.
    5. Groups shall comply with all applicable laws of the United States and the State of South Carolina and with all Edgefield County ordinances, rules, policies and regulations. All persons in and on the property shall comply with official signs of a prohibitory or directory nature, and with the directions of Edgefield County authorized employees or officials. Edgefield County has the right to have persons violating any provisions removed from the premises and to prosecute any and all violators to the fullest extent of the law.
    6. At the recommendation of the Edgefield County Clerk to Council, and the discretion and direction of the Edgefield County Administrator, groups using public facilities may be required to provide for security personnel staffing for events. Any costs associated for the provision of security, when deemed necessary by the Clerk, shall be borne by the user group.
    7. Single events as well as a series of ongoing events may only be booked three (3) months in advance of the current date. The frequency with which one group may utilize the building is at the discretion of Edgefield County.
    8. Use of publicly owned property does not imply endorsement by Edgefield County Government staff, officials or by Edgefield County Council members.
    9. Edgefield County retains the right to amend the requirements and regulations for use of these facilities at any time.
    10. Groups are not allowed to assign their reserved time at a facility to another party unless given written permission by the Edgefield County Clerk to Council.
    11. Rental fees may not be returned if the reservation is cancelled less than 120 hours (5 days) prior to the time of the scheduled use of the facility.
    12. NO CONCEALABLE WEAPONS ARE ALLOWED. (Section 16-23-420, SC State Law)
    13. No alcoholic beverages, no profanity and no loud music are allowed on the property.
    14. Vehicles are not allowed on lawns, planted areas, sidewalks or walkways of Edgefield County property. Only use designated paved parking spots.
    15. Pets are not allowed inside Edgefield County facilities with the exception of authorized service animals.
    16. No recreational equipment is allowed on the premises without written approval from the Edgefield County Clerk to Council or Administrator. (No blow up/bounce houses. No Waterslides.)
    17. Proper attire of shirts and shoes are required during use of all Edgefield County facilities.
    18. The person or organization renting the facility and all guests must be out of the facility by the end of the reserved time period. The rental times should include all setup and clean up for the event.
    19. Smoking is prohibited in all Edgefield County facilities.
    20. Please do not hit balls into the fences at the park.
    21. Edgefield County is not responsible for any items left at the facility after the rental period.
    22. If an emergency happens, immediately dial 911, contact appropriate emergency services, evacuate the facility if appropriate, and notify Edgefield County Clerk to Council as soon as possible.
    23. The person signing the Application for use and the organization by which the Edgefield County facilities will be used must indemnify and hold harmless Edgefield County and its employees and officials for and from any liabilities, damages, claims or actions of any kind arising in any way from the use of Edgefield County facilities and also release Edgefield County and its employees and officials from any liability, damages, claims or actions of any kind arising from the use of Edgefield County facilities. That person and the organization are also responsible for paying Edgefield County for any damages to Edgefield County facilities.
    24. By signing and submitting the Application, the person signing the Application and the organization using the Edgefield County facilities thereby agree to all of the above regulations.

    *This park is under the Jurisdiction of the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Department*

    Deposit/Damage Fees:
    If the premises or any portion of the facility during the term of the rental shall be damaged by act, default, or negligence of the organization or person renting the facilities or its/his/her agents, employees, guests or any other person admitted to the premises by them, the organization or persons renting the facility shall pay Edgefield County such sum as shall be necessary to restore the said premises to its prior condition. By signing and submitting the Application, the person signing the Application and the group using the Edgefield County facilities thereby agrees to all of the above regulations.

    Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash, Money Orders, Cashier’s Check, Personal Check. All checks/money orders made payable to Edgefield County Government. Personal Checks are not accepted within 2 weeks of event.

    Edgefield County Recreation Park Rental Agreement Application Form

    Return to Taz Potts by email at or by mail to 124 Courthouse Square, Edgefield, SC 29824. Payment is required the date of approval or the date will not be reserved until payment is made in full.
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  • Please include set up and clean up time
  • Event Security is not included the prices above. Any event over 99 people may require event security. The price for event security is determined by the number of officers needed and the number of hours each officer is needed for an event. This is determined by the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office. The price is $40 per hour, per officer needed. This amount is to be paid with application fees, once an application has been approved.
    Applications must be turned in 10 business days prior to the event date for review.

    I, the undersigned, being eighteen years of age or older, have read, understand, and will comply with the Edgefield County Recreation Park Rental Agreement and am authorized to sign this Application on behalf of the organization named above. The organization and I agree to be responsible to the Edgefield County Government for the use and care of Edgefield County facilities. The organization and I will pay for any damage to Edgefield County property and equipment in connection with the meeting and use of facilities.
  • If your rental requires authorization for fundraisers. This approved application serves as the required written authorization. You must have it available at the event for proof of authorized fundraiser. Must be approved by Taz Potts Clerk to Council.

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