Building and Planning

The Edgefield County Building and Planning Department is responsible for enforcement of the adopted codes and ordinances regulating development. The Department conducts plan reviews, inspections, and monitoring of all construction and development activities. The services include permitting, plan review, building inspections, code enforcement, and planning services. The staff provides support to the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Manufactured Home Appeals Committee as well as the County Transportation Committee. The Department is also responsible for issuing building permits and conducting inspections for the Towns of Edgefield, Johnston, and Trenton.

Some of the recent changes to the Edgefield County Land development ordinances have not been updated by municode. The link below contains all the recent modifications to the Land development code.

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SCFAST First Responder Mental Health Training

I have contacted SCFAST and requested that they have training for mental health awareness. These are the dates for those trainings. The First training set is 4 hours long and is a good course introduction. The second set of trainings is 2, 8 hour days which will teach...

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